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Become a Street Medicine or Range Medical Officer Instructor!

Trilogy HSE

Are you an experienced Firearms Instructor looking for opportunities to grow your business? The Street Medicine Course and Range Medical Officer Course will add new clients and revenue streams to your existing business. Becoming an Instructor is easy and does not require prior medical training or experience. Instructor (Train the Trainer) courses are now available for civilian instructors to prepare them to teach these courses.

Street Medicine Instructor Course – This is a three-day course based on TCCC/TECC concepts. This course provides Instructors the knowledge and skills necessary to teach the one-day Street Medicine Course. The student will complete a tactical medicine course integrated with instructor development training. This course builds upon the fundamentals of first aid and emergency care and introduces the latest concepts in emergency treatment. Upon successful completion the instructor will have the knowledge and skillset to teach the Street Medicine Course within their training business.

Topics within the Street Medicine Course include: Advanced Airway Management, hemorrhage control including combat gauze and tourniquets, and recognition and treatment of shock. The Instructor Candidate will learn instructional techniques to maximize student learning, learn to present skill building sessions and scenarios, and lead fellow students through learning exercises and skill stations. Training provided in this course is beneficial to all law enforcement personnel, public safety personnel, school personnel, concealed carry, and all others interested in an Active Shooter Response.

Range Medical Officer Instructor Course – This is a three-day course based on accepted first aid practices and procedures. This course provides Instructors the knowledge and skills necessary to teach the two-day Range Medical Officer Course. The Instructor Candidate will complete a full Range Medical Officer Course integrated with instructor development training. It is a fundamental first aid course designed specifically for range personnel and firearms instructors. Topics include oxygen administration, airway management, medical emergencies, trauma emergencies, range medical equipment, and emergency action plans. Upon successful completion of the Range Medical Officer Instructor Course the Instructor will be approved to teach the two-day Range Medical Officer Course within their training business. This is a great companion to a Range Safety Officer Course.

Course History – Trilogy International developed the Street Medicine Instructor Course specifically for law enforcement agencies. There was no option for law enforcement officers without Paramedic or EMT certification to become a tactical medicine instructor. Trilogy changed that with release of the Street Medicine Instructor Course. The course was made available in March 2016 and has been used to train more than 500 law enforcement instructors throughout the United States. Our clients represent Federal, State, and Local Government law enforcement agencies. The Street Medicine Course has received great evaluations and is now ready for the civilian market.

Business Opportunities – Trilogy recognizes the demands on instructors and the need for new courses and curriculum. With a small investment, the instructor can expect a significant ROI with only a few classes. With an existing client base, the instructor can market these courses and add new revenue streams. Based on market research the courses have a retail price based as follows:

Street Medicine  $125 – $175

Range Medical Officer  $225 – $300

Turn Key Business Model – Trilogy International is your one stop for Instructor Training, Instructor Resources, and Training Aides. The Trilogy Team is here to support you as you develop your business, have questions, or need refresher training. Our Instructor Trainers are here to assist you in all aspects of providing these great courses.

If you are a Firearms Instructor, Security Instructor, Range Safety Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor, or related instructor and interested in growing your business please complete the form below.

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