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Trilogy HSE

EVOC Instructor

Personnel completing this course will be qualified to conduct operator level training for ambulances and other similar size emergency vehicles. Course is based on the US DOT National Standard Curriculum – Ambulance and meets or exceeds recommended guidelines for certification as an instructor.  Upon successful of this 16 hour instructor course, instructor candidates will be awarded a certificate of course completion and will have met the standards necessary to conduct EVOC Operator level training.

It is suggested that instructor candidates have a minimum of one full year of ambulance operation or the eqivalent operational experience.

Course Tuition: $550 Includes instructor manual, electronic version of student manual and instructor manual, and all material necessary for course completion.

EVOC Instructor Webinar

This is a one day live webinar training event for EVOC Instructor certification. All instructor candidates receive a flash drive containing all instructor and student materials. This is the same course as the traditional format (classroom) but is delivered as a live webinar training event via GoToTraining technology. Course tuition is $375.

To be eligible for EVOC Instructor Training via webinar training you must meet the following:

  1. Instructor for nationally recognized training agency (American Heart Association, NAEMT, EMS instructor) for a minimum of one year.
  2. Have a minimum of one year experience as an emergency vehicle operator.

You will be required to submit evidence of eligibility prior to webinar event.



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