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TECC / Street Medicine Instructor Course

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TECC / Street Medicine Instructor Course –

Trilogy provides TECC Training in accordance with C-TECC. Our tactical medicine programs have been provided across the United States for Federal, State, Local, and civilian organizations.  It is taught by TCCC and TECC Instructors. There are three TECC Courses recognized by C-TECC: TECC – Active Bystander, TECC – First Responder with Duty to Act, TECC – BLS/ALS for Medical Providers. Your level of training and scope of practice will determine your Instructor level.  You learn the essential first responder level skills including tourniquets, wound packing, hemostatics, and airway management. We also teach surgical airways, needle decompression, pharmacology, and blood products. This course will prepare you to teach at your level and provide TECC Certifications to your students. Read our evaluations, check out our client list. The choice is simple, STREET MEDICINE is for you!

Suggested Courses:

TECC – Active Bystander Instructor Course – Great course for firearms instructors, school-based personnel, concealed carry, etc. Upon completion of this level of Instruction you can teach the TECC – Active Bystander Course. This course is open to anyone without restrictions.

TECC – First Responder with Duty to Act – This course is for non-EMS trained personnel in a first responder role with a Duty to Act. Law Enforcement, Security Personnel, Firefighters that are EMR trained, and EMR personnel. Upon completion of this level of Instruction you can teach the TECC – First Responder with Duty to Act and the TECC – Active Bystander Instructor Course. This course is open to anyone without restrictions.

TECC – BLS/ALS for Medical Providers – This course is the full TECC course with all medical interventions. It is suggested for Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians. Upon completion of this Instructor Course you can teach the full suite of TECC Courses as long as it does not exceed your scope of practice. This course is open to anyone wanting the medical intervention training but you will be restricted to to training only at or below your level of licensing (scope of practice). For example, a firearms instructor without medical training can attend this course but will be restricted to teaching Active Bystander and First Responder level courses.

Successful Instructor Candidates will receive USB with all materials necessary to conduct training. During the course you will learn how to establish a TECC program and comply with C-TECC Guidelines.

Based on TCCC/TECC Concepts and following the approved C-TECC Guidelines, this course provides the training essential to providing critical life-saving intervention until EMS arrives. The student will complete a tactical medicine course integrated with instructor development training. This course builds upon the fundamentals of first aid and emergency care and introduces the latest concepts in emergency treatment. Upon successful completion the instructor will have the knowledge, tools, and resources to provide Tactical Medicine training at their level and within their scope of practice.

Topics include: Advanced Airway Management, hemorrhage control including combat gauze and tourniquets, and recognition and treatment of shock. The Instructor Candidate will learn instructional techniques to maximize student learning, learn to present skill building sessions and scenarios, and lead fellow students through learning exercises and skill stations.

Training provided in this course is beneficial to all law enforcement personnel, public safety personnel, school personnel, concealed carry, and all others interested in an Active Shooter Response.


April 12 – 14, 2024   Precise Firearms Instruction, Redbank, NJ

Course Forms and Documents

Student Registration Form – This form is used for all course locations. Please download and fax or email to our office.


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